Do schools and universities teach entrepreneurship?

At the stage of learning in secondary schools and universities, young people have limited opportunities to develop their knowledge and entrepreneurial attitude. Education prepares them for the role of employees, not entrepreneurs who create jobs in the future.

About what can be done to improve the effectiveness of teaching entrepreneurial attitudes and qualities among young people experts will talk during the discussion panel “Education and entrepreneurship”.

The panel is intended to be a continuation of the round tables organized during the previous editions of the Congress – a debate on the current entrepreneurial education system in Poland and around the world. Invited guests from Poland and abroad will discuss, among others, the effectiveness of entrepreneurship education in Poland, other EU countries and the USA.

The purpose of the meeting is to obtain recommendations for improving the system of entrepreneurship education in Poland. One of the panelists will be Professor Piotr Moncarz who serves as a Consulting Professor in the Civil Engineering Department of Stanford University.

The session will be held during the 4th EYEC on 13th October at 02.00 p.m. at the International Conference Centre in Katowice. Participation in the sessions and in the entire EYEC is free after free registration at