TTIP vs. Young Entrepreneurs

TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), a free trade agreement between the European Union and the United States, will cover also the activities undertaken by young entrepreneurs. The proposed regulations raise hopes among them, but also a lot of concern. The scope and progress of negotiations of the agreement as well as opportunities and threats […]

Do schools and universities teach entrepreneurship?

At the stage of learning in secondary schools and universities, young people have limited opportunities to develop their knowledge and entrepreneurial attitude. Education prepares them for the role of employees, not entrepreneurs who create jobs in the future. About what can be done to improve the effectiveness of teaching entrepreneurial attitudes and qualities among young […]

Young Entrepreneur In Poland and Europe

Who is Polish Young Entrepreneur? What are the similarities and differences in comparison to his colleagues from other countries? What drives entrepreneurship among young people? These and other questions will be answered by experts during the discussion panel “Young Entrepreneur in Poland and Europe.” The discussion will refer to the opportunities and threats in running […]

Where are we? Ecosystem of startups in Poland compared to Europe and USA

Successful companies from Silicon Valley inspire entrepreneurs around the world. Startups, because that is how innovative companies and projects operating in the tech sector are called, are becoming more and more not only a form of doing business, but a lifestyle. During the panel “Where are we? Ecosystem of startups in Poland compared to Europe […]