Where are we? Ecosystem of startups in Poland compared to Europe and USA

Successful companies from Silicon Valley inspire entrepreneurs around the world. Startups, because that is how innovative companies and projects operating in the tech sector are called, are becoming more and more not only a form of doing business, but a lifestyle.

During the panel “Where are we? Ecosystem of startups in Poland compared to Europe and USA” experts will take a look at the Polish, European and American startup environment to compare development opportunities for tech startups in different parts of the world. An important element of the discussion will also be a Digital Single Market, which idea is to create a single market within the European Union instead of the currently existing on, spread between twenty-eight countries.

Implementation of this concept will certainly constitute an important element of the European economy recovery process and open new opportunities for the development of start-ups. Dimitris Tsingos, President of YES for Europe will be one of the guest speakers of this panel.

The session will be held during the 4th EYEC on 13th October at 11.30 a.m. at the International Conference Centre in Katowice. Participation in the sessions and in the entire EYEC is free after free registration at www.smecongress.eu